2020 SmartDrivingCar Summit

Evening Oct 20 – Oct 22

Princeton NJ


Musings on the latest news in mobility and autonomy

by Professor Alain Kornhauser


Host Fred Fishkin with Princeton University’s Alain Kornhauser

and other guest speakers

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  Thursday, May 21, 2020  SmartDrivingCar.com/8.22-NetworkCar-052120 22nd edition of the 8th year of SmartDrivingCars   Technology driving safer transport H. Zhao, May 1, "This edition of ITU News Magazine discusses the latest trends in connected cars,...

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  Thursday, May 14, 2020  SmartDrivingCar.com/8.21-Shapiro2-051420 21st edition of the 8th year of SmartDrivingCars   Fiat Chrysler and AV startup Voyage partner on self-driving minivans K. Korosec,  May 11, "Self-driving vehicle startup Voyage...

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