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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Special Edition


  13th edition of the 12th year of SmartDrivingCars eLetter 


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generated  I Am AI | NVIDIA GTC 2024 | Official Keynote Intro

J. Huang, March 18, “ Watch NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote to catch all the announcements on AI advances that are shaping our future….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Certainly worth your time to watch the whole 2 hours. The Living Art interactive Large Nature Model: Living Art interactive graphic display at the very beginning is phenomenal. Pictures of us in front of Large Nature Model: one, two.   From the audience in center stage, it had 3-D perception without 3-D glasses.  A reasonable 16 minute Cliff’s Notes version is here, although it misses what I thought was his most interesting comment about the advantages of hardware-supported low precision computing.    Alain & Elizabeth


A book cover of a book  Description automatically generatedJust Published!!!  Go to Amazon.com… You can still be first on your block to have one J.




SmartDrivingCars ZoomCast 364 / PodCast 364 focus on nVIDIA GTC with nVIDIA Automotive VP Danny Shapiro’96

F. Fishkin, March 25, “nVIDIA’s GTC attracted huge crowds and interest and in the words of NVIDIA Automotive VP Danny Shapiro…”We’re just getting started.” Technologies like Drive Thor, Blackwell, and AI for robotics and healthcare are attracting new customers and partners almost daily.




   Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang goes one-on-one with Jim Cramer

J. Cramer, March 19, “Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang sits down with ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer to discuss Nvidia’s Blackwell announcement, its role in the AI boom, what’s next for Nvidia and more. ”…  Read More  Hmmmm… Very interesting.  60 Minutes was also filming.  Should be interesting what they end up showing.  Alain


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generated  Large Nature Model:Living Art

L. Monroe,  March 18, “Videoed pre-keynote interactive display…” Read More  Hmmmm…  Really impressive..    Alain & Elizabeth


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generated  Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles [S62558]

Aaraadhya Narra,  March 18, “Autonomous vehicles are revolutionizing the way we think about transportation. This session provides an entry point into this transformative technology and its effect on the future of mobility. You’ll hear a comprehensive overview of fundamental…” Read More  Hmmmm…  This is an excellent Introduction that includes a clear description of “end2end”.    Alain & Elizabeth


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generated  Accelerating the New Era of Autonomous Vehicles With Generative AI [S62621]

R. Urtasun, March 19, “Despite meaningful progress in self-driving over the past few decades, there is a need for further innovation to deploy autonomous vehicles at scale. Generative AI offers a radically new way that autonomous driving systems work. We’ll explain how…” Read More  Hmmmm…  Another slightly more technical presentation on the compute stack to get to safe-enough  driverless .    Alain & Elizabeth


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generated  Achieving Scalable Autonomous Vehicle Driving With NVIDIA DRIVE [SE63002]

S. Tariq, March 21, “As we move toward the next generation of AI-defined vehicles that operate with higher levels of autonomy in wider coverage areas, we find that current solutions that rely on HD maps aren’t scalable. To build a truly scalable autonomous driving stack, we need to advance perception capabilities much further so we can reduce reliance on maps. These advances also help us avoid issues with stale map data and make the vehicle more economical to operate. This session covers the solutions to move towards a mapless HD world and provides invaluable insights into how to use next-generation perception systems to understand the world around us better, while ensuring safe operation of the system. These innovations are transforming the future of autonomous vehicles and expanding their reach….” Read More  Hmmmm…  I’ve never been a fan of relying on HD maps.  Very nice approach here. Alain


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generated AI and the Data Universe: Refik Anadol’s Artwork for Global Impact [S63138]

B. Dowdy, March 19, “Join Refik Anadol and members of Refik Anadol Studio (RAS) in conversation with NVIDIA’s Brian Dowdy as they discuss how their unique AI workflow helps connect their art with a purpose to make a positive impact on the world. Using NVIDIA GPUs and SDKs, and state-of-the-art AI models, RAS shapes their creative workflow to generate never-before-seen experiences in real time. Unique data sources and custom tools and models enable the studio to uncover new meanings and connections between the data and the final creative artworks.….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Very impressive!   Alain & Elizabeth


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generatedDriving Innovation: Generative AI and Industrial Digitalization in the Automotive Industry [S62380]

N. Marks, March 19, “Join senior leadership from renowned automotive companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, Waabi, and Wayve as they discuss their experiences in incorporating Generative AI and industrial digitalization across their organizations. This session, moderated by NVIDIA, provides an exploration into the transformative power of cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping the automotive landscape. Discover how these industry leaders are revolutionizing everything from vehicle design and manufacturing to autonomous driving and customer experiences, and gain valuable insights to navigate the fast-evolving automotive landscape..….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Very impressive!   Alain & Elizabeth


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generatedVisualizing New Narrative Forms through AI [S62035]

K. Smith, March 20, “In the age of ever-increasing artificial intelligence algorithms used to drive animation, virtual characters, deep learning systems, and neural networks; how can artists and scientists inspire each other to bring to life the mysteries of existence. ….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Also very impressive!   Alain & Elizabeth


  A green and white logo  Description automatically generatedAchieving Better Accuracy in 3D Occupancy Prediction for Autonomous Driving [S62446]

Z. Hu, March 18, “Humans naturally perceive the 3D geometry of objects and scenes, which helps us orient ourselves in space. Similarly, 3D occupancy prediction—which predicts the occupancy status and other attributes of each voxel in a scene—is a critical task for autonomous vehicles and has become a fundamental part of the perception stack. Unlike 3D object detection, which relies on oriented cuboids, 3D occupancy prediction uses voxelized representations, providing the AV planning stack with richer world model information. In this talk, we share NVIDIA’s VoxFormer and Forward-Backward Birds Eye View (FB-BEV), the latest technologies in 3D perception for autonomous driving that helped NVIDIA win the 3D Occupancy Prediction Challenge and Innovation Awards at CVPR 2023. VoxFormer is NVIDIA’s first camera-based solution for 3D occupancy prediction. FB-BEV is our advanced view transformation design using forward-backward projection, which overcomes the limitations of current approaches using either forward or backward projection….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Very nice!   Alain & Elizabeth


 A green and white logo  Description automatically generatedAI and the Radical Transformation of Marketing [S63057]

S. Pretorius, March 18, “In this presentation, Stephan Pretorius, the Chief Technology Officer of WPP, will delve into the innovative adoption of generative AI and 3D design in the marketing and advertising industry using NVIDIA Omniverse and Enterprise AI technologies, offering an insightful showcase of the groundbreaking work WPP is conducting with its major clients in collaboration with NVIDIA….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Very interesting!   Alain & Elizabeth


A green and white logo  Description automatically generatedAugmented Marketing in Beauty with Generative AI [S62335]

A. Dubey, March 20, “Hear from L’Oréal’s Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, Asmita Dubey, to find out how L’Oréal is embracing GenAI as a unique opportunity to unleash the human potential for creativity, augmented by technology. The L’Oreal Groupe is pioneering Beauty…. ….” Read More  Hmmmm…  Also very impressive!   Elizabeth


6th Princeton SmartDrivingCars Summit May 29 -> 31, 2024, Princeton NJ 6th  SmartDrivingCars Summit


Alain Kornhauser, March 8, “We promise civil and lively discussions as to how to improve the Quality-of-Life (QoL) for many while disrupting the QoL to as few as possible.  Focus will be on the business aspects…

Giving Oneself a Ride

  • Latest on ADAS Safety, Functionality, Regulation and potential Collaboration (given anti-trust relaxation), consumer value    

Getting a Driverless Ride

  • By people and goods using public roads
    • “Proof-of-Concept” (Safety Update and Last “50 feet” delivery concepts )
    • “Proof-of-Market” (Arizona, California, Texas, …  rural & beyond)
    • “Proof-of-Politics/Sociology” (Regulation + Opportunities for Collaboration on Safety (given anti-trust relaxation.))
  • By people and goods on private property.
    • “Proof-of-Concept” (Safety Update)
    • “Proof-of-Market” ( Return-on-Investment (RoI) focus on: Private “ways”, Manufacturing, Ports, Terminals, Warehouses, Mining, Farms)
    • “Proof-of-Politics/CorporateGovernance” (OSHA, Unions )


  • MOVES – Style Deployments “anywhere”.  (See Example)
  • Design, Analysis, Simulation, Animation & Business Case

….” Read More  Hmmmm… Please pencil in the dates. We are to make publish the sponsorship and registration pages.  Given the success that we’ve had with the past Summits and the quality of the program that we’ve been able to assemble to date, we fully expect to be sold out. Some sponsorship opportunities remain available. If interested, please simply contact me via email for ‘right-of-first refusal” penciled-in commitments”. Hope you’ll be able to join in with us. Alain



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6th  SmartDrivingCar



May 29 (evening) -> May 31, 2024

Princeton, NJ

Save The Date!!

Preliminary Program


We promise civil and lively discussions as to how to improve the quality-of-life (QoL) for many while disrupting that quality to as few as possible.


Giving oneself a Ride:

Latest on ADAS Safety & Functionality

Getting a Ride:

Latest on Driverless

“Proof-of-Concept” (Safety Update),

Proof-of-Market” (Arizona, California & beyond)  & 



MOVES – Style Deployments “anywhere”
Design, Analysis, Simulation, Animation & Business Case